Decided to merge my interests

In a moment of madness I almost opened another website today! I will explain!

For the last year or so I have been indulging in an old hobby called ‘painting’. By that, I don’t mean walls, window frames, doors or even ceilings, even though my wife would prefer that greatly. What I mean is painting pictures on canvas, art board and my favourite media reclaimed pallet wood!

For some reason people like these paintings and I have already sold three! Incidentally, that is two more than Vincent Van Gogh sold in his lifetime. (Yes, yes, I know he sold all of them but that was just his brother bailing him out! I don’t have a brother so I have to do it all myself!)

I need a platform to publicise my work so, rather than open another website I have decided to use this one! To be honest it should fit together very nicely as most Proggy people are very creative too!

So that’s it! I will start to upload images soon and hopefully (WordPress permitting) will open a page where you can buy them. In the meantime, anyone in the North East of England can see them in and in their shop in Sedgefield.

Here are a couple that are in there at the moment!

If you would like to purchase or ask questions then feel free to contact me through the usual channels.

Prog on!

Hi – it’s me – I’m back

No, I’m not the Central Scrutinizer, if I was I’d get the bloody sack cos I’ve been back and gone again that many bloody times!

No excuses but suffice it to say I have been flat on my back for at least 8 weeks (on and off) but I am now back and able to stand and even sit for extended periods, like longer than 10 minutes!

I jest – I am fully functional once more!

Well, when I say ‘fully functional’ that is not strictly true as to get me back to somewhere near normal (an impossible task) my meat and two veg has been reduced to meat and one veg! I’m sure you didn’t want to know that but hey ho!

No jokes thank you, my mates have exhausted all of those!

Sorry, no photos this blog (‘thank fuck for that’ I hear you all say) but hopefully normality (whatever that is) is in the process of being restored!

Peace and Love
Johnny X

A brief sojourn to South Wales

I’ve been AWOL for the last few days so sorry if anyone was trying to contact me urgently! (as if)!

Our daughter has secured a teaching job in Newport in Wales so has moved from where she was doing her teacher training, in Swansea to Cwmbran which is closer to Newport and also where her boyfriend and his family live! That is a great relief in itself seeing as we live 300 miles away! Good that she has someone that she can rely on while she is there!

Anyhoo… we have spent the last week down there sorting their house out for them and generally doing dad stuff with screwdrivers, hammers, saws etc! Finally I’ve returned home and it seems like the music world has gone crazy while I’ve been away!

I had about 6 albums on my review list before I went to Wales, now there are 16!

Ho-hum, I’ll get through them!

Keep yer eyes peeled!

Johnny X