I’m still alive! Bonus!

Had a pretty good week, a few albums dropped through my inbox for review, all good stuff but the highlight of the week was getting a copy of ‘The album that shall be nameless’. Thanks to The Progmeister for that one!

I got a summons from Steve last Saturday to Progmeister Towers! Actually he phoned me and said: “I’ve got something you might want to hear dude, coffee is on, get your arse over here!” or words to that effect!

I got my arse over there and listened to the best hours worth of progressive rock that has been released in the last decade! Think Steve Hackett and what he was trying to do with the last couple of albums as regards to World Music. This album fucking nails it!

Suffice it to say that I now have a copy and it is playing in the car! I pulled into Tesco on Friday  with the stereo blasting and the window open! This guy with long hair was walking past and he stopped and walked over! “That is great” he said “Who is it?” “I’m sorry man” I said; “I’m not allowed to say”

As soon as the embargo is lifted I will let you know about it! The review is written and ready to post as soon as I get the go-ahead!

I’ve been prompted to delve back into the ancient archives on the likes of Amazon and Ebay and I have to say that the price of some cd’s is shocking! Some bands that you might think may be value for money ie Greenslade are extortionately priced, yet on the other hand, albums that you might think would attract a high price are as cheap as chips. Most Captain Beefheart albums were less than £7.

Someone needs to take hold of album pricing cos I spend too much!

And on that note I will bid you all a goodnight!

Cheers everyone

Johnny X