That was a day that was!

I had originally intended to spend the day posting a couple of reviews and generally updating the site! Then it all went to shit!

To backdate a bit, yesterday I noticed one of out cats, Coco, just sat on the lawn in the pouring rain. I opened the back door and shouted her in , nothing, she didn’t move! Now if you own cats (sorry, I meant, if cats own you) you will know that is nothing out of the ordinary as they can be mardy little buggers whenever they please. However, I knew something was wrong! I picked her up, she was soaked through and, much to her chagrin, carried her into the house!

After a quick dry off and a check to see there were no injuries I laid her in her bed in front of the log burner. Normally that would have been it, she would have stayed there all day and complained loudly if either her twin sister (Cyd) or her other sister (Pepsi – a dog) tried to get into the bed with her! Nope, the minute I opened the back door she ran past me and laid on the lawn again! By this time it was dark and pissing it down! Brought her in, dried her off and put her back in her bed! Then we uttered the interminable phrase: “We’ll see what she is like in the morning!”

“The morning” dawned and she was no better, laid in her bed, just looking at the floor! Even Dreamies didn’t solicit a response! So I rang the vet! “Bring her in!”

I took her in and even the vet couldn’t find anything immediately apparent to cause her to be like that, then he put her on the floor! She looked like she was about to jump back up onto the table then aborted! We waited a bit then she tried again, this time she jumped, and failed to get high enough!

He examined her claws and said: “I think she has been hit by a car, or a boot!” The tops of her claws on her right legs were scraped so she had slid across the ground on her side!

They kept her in and to cut a VERY long story short she was operated on this afternoon! Her Diaphragm had been ruptured! Everything apart from her bladder and large intestine had been pushed through the tear into her chest cavity, this had caused one of her lungs to collapse and the other one to push into the space left, her heart was pushed up against the ribcage! If that wasn’t enough her pelvis had been broken!


Unbelievably she is now, less than 8 hours after her operation, back home! (see pic) She has to go back tomorrow for a check up and several more times over the coming weeks but they are really happy with her progress!

That is the good news, the bad news (for her) is that she has to stay caged up for 2 to 4 weeks to allow her pelvis to heal! I am off out tomorrow to buy a mahoosive cage for her! I am just glad to have her back, I love her to bits!

After all of that trauma I had an email tonight! I have won six two day passes to HRH PROG at the O2 in Sheffield in October! I now believe in Karma!

I’m having a couple of Southern Comforts (I think I deserve them) then orf to bed!


Johnny x