Hey, it’s March, well ok, technically it isn’t as it is 23:50 on Thursday 28 February but by the time I finish writing this dribble, then remember how to post it it will be March!

Glad we got that sorted!

Had an interesting chat with The Progmeister today about Trevor Horn! He called in to drop off a few CDs (The Progmeister that is not Trevor Horn)! We were talking about TH’s production work on Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s album Welcome to the Pleasuredome and how fantastic it was! To be honest I didn’t realise how good it was and how many Prog peeps had played on it until now! Anyhoo Steve had to go to work, so left via the back door (nothing weird in that – we always use the back door) just as the postman dropped this months PROG magazine through the front door (nothing weird about that either, he’s paid to do it)!

IMG_2902What was weird was that I opened PROG to find an interview with Trevor Horn and this little gem of a quote (right)! Cue cold shivers down the spine and Tubular Bells!

To be honest it has been a week of discovery. I received a press release about the release of Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Live in Chicago in 2018! The PR stated that it was the first time the band had been reunited for 32 years. I had a feeling that this was wrong so after a bit of research I found that they had reunited for a few gigs in 1992 and again for a tour in 2011! As unimportant as that may seem, during this research I discovered that Luther Vandross had at one time been a member of Utopia albeit as a backing singer for live gigs!

I told The Progmeister about this little snippet of information and he was suitably surprised! He was even more surprised when during a conversation about Atomic Rooster I slipped in the fact that Vincent Crane had joined Dexy’s Midnight Runners! Let’s not go there eh?

My meetings with Steve this week have turned up a few forthcoming gems! There is obviously ‘The Album That Cannot Be Mentioned‘ but he also played me a few tracks by One More Thing, a collaboration between Tony Patterson and keyboard player Doug Melbourne. The album entitled The Divide should be released very soon but what I have heard so far is fantastic!

Right, that’s enough, I don’t want to overload you and anyway, I’m off to me pit!

Nanight (BTW it’s March – told ya)

Johnny X