8 October 2020

So …….Snapper Music announce new deal with porcupine tree! Yes! It’s there on my news page!

Does this mean we will get a new album from Porcupine Tree? Is Boris Johnson the best PM that Britain has ever had? I will leave that to you but I fear the answer to both is the same!

I have a question! No – not that one! The Doctor says that if I stop scratching it it will clear up! I know that this probably not the platform for it but, Bruce Springsteen! New song, ‘My Letter To You’. How fucking wimpy does that song sound?

Yes it sounds like The Boss, but the intonation FFS! When did anyone from New Joizey ever pronounce My as My? Surely it should be pronounced, at least in the rock’n’roll fraternity as ‘Ma’. Even in Hartlepool it would be ‘Me Letter to you!’ Get a grip Brucie!

I’ve been pointed in the direction of a few very good albums this week! My good mate The Progmeister played me Dreaming David K and Organic – ‘Mr Passive Progressive”. If you haven’t heard this then give it a SERIOUS listen! Imagine Yes, ELP and The Bonzo Dog Doo Daa Band jamming together! If you like your Progressive Rock serious and intense – avoid this album! The rest of you, ignore him and buy it!

Anyway, that’s it for tonight, I’m off to bed to have another listen to the excellent album ‘Quiet Days on Earth’ by Electric Mud. If anyone asked me to define ‘Cinematic Prog’ I would just stick this album on!

Sub genres and alto genres of Prog is a subject for another day. In the meantime, goodnight all you Proggy Peeps!

Peace and Love
Johnny xx

PS I made ‘alto genres’ up! šŸ™‚