7 April 2020: A-Z from my collection. Day B

The Edgar Broughton Band – OORA

Oora_(Edgar_Broughton_Band_album_-_cover_art)At the tender age of 15 I was aware of The Edgar Broughton Band. I’d seen the older kids at Grammar school walking around with copies of Wasa Wasa and Sing Brother Sing tucked under their arm but I had yet to acquaint myself with their different and individual form of rock music apart from ‘Death of an Electric Citizen” which I wasn’t too enamoured with. So, as I searched through the new rock releases section in my local branch of Rumbelows and came across OORA I took a moment to think!

I was initially drawn to OORA by the cover, as a future art student both the design and even the typography appealed to me, then the music fan took over. ‘How wrong can all of those sixth formers be? Is “Death of an Electric Citizen” really that bad?’ I bought it!

That decision is one of the best I have ever made. After getting the album home and listening to it I was, to coin a phrase, knocked out! The whole album is a delight!

Thankfully, for me, Edgar had toned down his growly, Captain Beefheart style vocals and introduced a more melodic style, which, as I later found out he had done much earlier on their eponymous third album in 1971.

Opening song, Hurricane Man just drew me in and from there on, listening was a labour of love. The highlight for me is the segue of the opening tracks on side two, Exhibits from a New Museum/Green Lights. The gentle acoustic beginning backing the slightly menacing vocals of Edgar Broughton eventually morphs into the gentle Green Lights with swirling synths by Victor Unitt and piano by that David Bedford (again)!

One final thing to note here, when I bought this album I only had a mono record player so it was a couple of years before I actually realised there ARE vocals on Eviction! Flick the mono button and you’ll see what I mean!

Coming soon (tomorrow)  ……… C (predictions welcome)