6 March 2020

Evening all!

I’m a Grandad! Well a POP actually! My daughter-in-Law Gina gave birth to a healthy baby boy a week ago on Friday 28 February! He was a week overdue and personally (don’t tell Gina) I think she was trying to hang on until Saturday so she only had to host a birthday party once every four years! Not a bad thought but it didn’t work and Finn is here!

ESXqVgUXYAEbxIoYesterday, barely a week old he made his first visit to The Progshed! He is absolutely gorgeous and is finally staying awake for more than three minutes at a time! He met Progdog who was suitably impressed/excited, actually we had to lock her in the garden cos she just wanted to lick him! No change there then, she just wants to lick everyone, including the cats!

Talking of the cats, one came in (not sure which one, they both look the bloody same), was less than impressed by Finn but more impressed by his push chair which she proceeded to jump into! Explained to Gina that next time it might be prudent to bring a cardboard box to distract them! She didn’t get that any cardboard boxes we have they are already bored with! She is not a cat person and doesn’t like mashed potato on Sunday lunch either, apart from that she has zero faults!

Finn is gorgeous (did I already say that?) and is already bonding with me! OK, he got his little fingers tangled up in my hair but he didn’t cry, he just pulled, I nearly cried though! I tell you, that lad has some strength in his little arms (future drummer – don’t tell Gina)!

Anyway, it won’t be long before I am taking him out in the pushchair for a walk with Progdog, suitably attired against the cold of course! Anyone know what is the smallest size ‘Progzilla Radio’ hoodie you can get?


Johnny (Pop) x