2 October 2020 – I’m back!

2 October 2020 – I’m back!

Yes, I know I’ve been back before, then went away again but hopefully this time I’m back for good!

Hope you are all bearing up in these ‘difficult times’, yes it is tough but if we all pull together then we will get through it (fingers, legs, arms and eyes crossed)!

Had a bit of a rough time over the last three weeks, got a chest infection which knocked me on my back. Thought I was over it then it came back with a vengeance and I had to concede defeat and dial 111.

Now I haven’t been one of the greatest supporters of the NHS over the last 10 years, I worked there for nearly 25 years, lets just say it didn’t end well! This time, I admit I couldn’t fault them! I won’t go into details but suffice it to say I dialed 111 at 10.15am on the Sunday morning, by 10.45am a consultant from the local hospital had rang back saying I needed antibiotics and a Covid-19 test by 12.30pm (2 hours and 15 minutes later) I was back in bed having picked up the antibiotics and had a Covid-19 test! 10.45am the next day I had a text to say the test was negative! Now that is what I call service!

The only down side was that the consultant said that even if the test came back negative I should still self isolate until I finished the antibiotics as “AT MY AGE” Covid-19 on top of a chest infection could see me off!

I bet I’ve still got more hair than him!

Toodle Pip

Johnny xx