About me

Profile picIt all started 61 years ago! I wouldn’t say I arrived with a fanfare (for the Common Man) I just arrived!

I wasn’t aware that I had arrived until I was about two, then I realised that life was there to be lived, so while we are here let’s have some fun! That lasted until I was five and had to go to school!

To be fair school wasn’t THAT bad, I went to Brougham Juniors and was nearly always top of the class, unless Catherine Jobling beat me, then I was second top! Then we moved!

We moved onto the Fens Estate, then known as Jam Butty Hill cos they reckoned that was all we could afford to eat! The residents there were also frequently referred to as ‘all fur coats and no knickers’, I’ll let you work that one out yourself. Anyway, my parents were really excited to get my first report and find out how well I had done!

Bottom of the class!

I must have improved cos I passed my 11 plus and went to Hartlepool Grammar School and this is where it all got interesting!

To be continued ………

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