Decided to merge my interests

In a moment of madness I almost opened another website today! I will explain!

For the last year or so I have been indulging in an old hobby called ‘painting’. By that, I don’t mean walls, window frames, doors or even ceilings, even though my wife would prefer that greatly. What I mean is painting pictures on canvas, art board and my favourite media reclaimed pallet wood!

For some reason people like these paintings and I have already sold three! Incidentally, that is two more than Vincent Van Gogh sold in his lifetime. (Yes, yes, I know he sold all of them but that was just his brother bailing him out! I don’t have a brother so I have to do it all myself!)

I need a platform to publicise my work so, rather than open another website I have decided to use this one! To be honest it should fit together very nicely as most Proggy people are very creative too!

So that’s it! I will start to upload images soon and hopefully (WordPress permitting) will open a page where you can buy them. In the meantime, anyone in the North East of England can see them in and in their shop in Sedgefield.

Here are a couple that are in there at the moment!

If you would like to purchase or ask questions then feel free to contact me through the usual channels.

Prog on!

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