If it’s not one thing it’s your Mother! (in law)

Just a quick update to try and explain why I have been less than prolific over the last few months!

Sad to say that my Ma-in-Law was diagnosed with dementia at the same time as my wife, Ali, got a new job! Unfortunately as Ali’s sister suffers with ADHD she is not the most reliable of carers! She tries, bless her but if she says she is going to do something you just can’t be sure that she will do it! Basically I am shouldering a lot of the burden of looking after Miriam! Apparently (according to Miriam) I am very good at it! “Much better than those two, they won’t let me have any biscuits!”

To be fair I limit the biscuits as if you buy a packet of digestives on Friday, there are none left on Saturday! I buy a packet then stick half a dozen in her biscuit tin! Two days later I put another 6 in!

Dementia is a horrible disease, it takes away your personality, your cognition but most of all, your dignity!

Hopefully if we can arrange some part time care for her I will be back soon!

Sorry to all of you that I promised reviews, I will get round to it (better late than never)! Hopefully I can get the review out before you release another album!

Take care and Prog on!




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