‘Normal’ service will be resumed shortly

Normal service will be resumed as soon as (A) I work out what ‘normal’ is – and – (B) I finish converting the old Progwinds office into a craft room for my wife!

I have spent the last three weeks making the new Progwinds office from the former ‘spare room’, we all have one. That one room in the house that is full of junk and stuff in boxes from the last move, labelled ‘Ali’s Books – Room 3’ and ‘Glasses – Fragile – Dining Room’. Some of those boxes were actually from the move before – ‘Ellie’s crap – bedroom 5’. We don’t have a fifth bedroom now – Ellie, however, is still lounging around when she is not at uni.

So, the Progwinds office is complete and looking rather smart, however I can’t start using it until I’ve decorated the former Progwinds office and converted it into Ali’s Craft Room. This could take some time. Not in the realms of decades or centuries, or even weeks, let’s just say longer than anticipated! This is caused by my previously cavalier attitude to sticking stuff to the wall and the number of guitars I had hanging there! Suffice it to say tomorrow will be spent filling holes and smoothing over stuff! Not forgetting getting shot of the carpet and finding out what that lump is in the floor. I think it is probably where they lifted the floorboards and couldn’t be arsed to saw the tongue off so they could get them down flat again. That said, if you have lost a snake in the last ten years I would be preparing myself for a call tomorrow afternoon!

Back to the new Progwinds office! I haven’t held an official opening yet and am not intending to! That event passed accidentally last week when The Progmeister paid a visit and sat in the Prog Throne drinking coffee! To be fair he didn’t know it was the Prog Throne, and neither did I until I thought about it 30 seconds ago!

Anyhoo I will be back soon firing on all cylinders but in the meantime, if you fancy sitting in the Prog Throne (it’s only a wicker chair) and having a coffee and a natter just give me a shout at the usual addys

Johnny, Progdog and the Progkittens


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